How do I set up my vendor directory listing?

Setting up my Vendor directory page

Your vendor directory listing is one of the most important pages on for your company. This page provides the visitor with an insight into the who, what, where and why? There’s a correlation between the quality and completeness of the profile page and the number of views and conversions you receive. Profiles that have limited information generally perform poorly.

  1. Sign-in to your account.
  2. Hover over My Dashboard and select Profiles & Listings.

Click on your Company's Name or click Edit: Add details and more information about your Company in each of the tabs.

Name & Logo tab.

Make sure that your company name is exactly how you want it or how the majority of people search for your company. We recommend leaving out references to what you offer. For example, ABC Company vs. ABC Company Data Centers. Unless your company name includes “Data Centers,” it’s best to leave this out.

Make sure to complete other important data in this tab including your static URL (company website address), year founded, and logo. Make sure to follow the instructions for uploading your company logo. It’s also a good idea to name the logo file with your company name. For example, logo1.png vs ABC-company.png. Dashes can be used to replace spaces.

Once complete, hit the Activate button. This allows your company to appear on the website under the Vendors page.

Please make sure to meet the logo requirements mentioned below.

Company Stats tab.

This page provides more detail about your company. This gives visitors of more information about your company including your headquarters address, the number of employees, whether your company is publicly or privately owned, and a phone number.

The Phone Number field is required!

About tab.

This section is critical. This is your chance to sell your company to visitors on The about us can be a single paragraph or multiple paragraphs. We recommend including information about your company, product and service offerings, facility footprint, unique selling proposition, and value proposition. Tell our visitors why they should select your company.

In addition to text, you can also include video. Simply get the embed code from sites like YouTube or Vimeo and copy the code into the content area.

The ' + ' sign gives you the ability to insert Quick links: images, video, document, etc.

Add up to 4 features. In this section, you would include any features that your company might offer that others do not.

Vendor Categories tab

The vendor categories section of your company profile is used to filter results. Make sure that the appropriate services are checked. Otherwise, you will not show up in the search results when visitors filter their search results. Make sure to accurately check the services that apply to your offering. We have a limit of 5 categories, however, if more is needed your company can purchase additional categories for $200/category/year.

Assets tab.

This area of the website is dedicated to pictures, videos and spec sheets that help highlight your products. You can add up to 6 different items for pictures and videos and up to 5 different spec sheets.

This area of the website is dedicated to highlighting your sales team. You can add multiple sales team members and assign them to all your pages or specific pages. Each profile includes name, title, email, phone number, and profile picture.

If you have a long list, make sure to click Next to navigate to the next page and see the rest of the team; by default, the table displays 5 names. You are able to filter through the list by searching by the Manager's name, Title or Location assigned.

Click Add Manager to add a new member and fill out all the fields. We recommend uploading an image for the salesperson, as this person will show in the Contact form on the Location page.

After you click Add Manager at the bottom of the form, the name of the new salesperson will appear in the table. Edit this person's profile by clicking Edit Profile, or permanently Delete the record.

People Tab.

This section allows you to select an owner or manager. The owner has full access to manage the provider including the ability to add/remove owners and managers. The Manager can manage the provider, except for the ability to add/remove owners and managers. Click on Send invitation. You can send to someone who has already signed up or send them the invitation to create a login. To access your invitations go to My Dashboard and click on the invitations tab. There you can see any invitations that need to be accepted or denied. On the company admin page you will see if an invitation is still pending acceptance.

IMPORTANT! When you are finished with populating all the tabs, click Save Draft and Request Approval. Your company is NOT visible to users yet. It will be set live after it's approved by our team. The approval process will take about 24 - 48 business hours.

In the meantime, you can click View Live Provider Page to see the live version of the page.

Last Updated: February 18, 2020
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