Learn more in depth about Datacenters.com

Datacenters.com has a robust offering of services for users.

Under the Data Centers tab, you can view data center locations, providers, and submit quotes:

  1. Data Centers >> Locations: Search for Data Centers by Location
  2. Data Centers >> Providers: Research different Providers and their Locations
  3. Data Centers >> Quotes: Cloud IaaS Pricing: Submit form for Cloud IaaS quote
  4. Data Centers >> Quotes: Colocation Price Quote: Submit form for Colocation pricing
  5. Data Centers >> Quotes: Dedicated Server Quote: Submit form for Dedicated Server quote

Under the Marketplace tab, you can reserve colocation opportunities:

  1. Marketplace >> Marketplace: Search for Data Centers on the Marketplace by Location, Provider, Space, Power, Price

Under the Vendor Directory tab, you can research using our directory tool.

  1. Vendors >> Vendor Directory: Search by categories for Vendors

Under the Real Estate tab, you review these resources: 

  1. Real Estate >> Listings: Submit form for a list of Data Centers for Sale and for Lease
  2. Real Estate >> Invest: Submit a form to access Data Center Real Estate Investments
  3. Real Estate >> Build: Submit a form to access Data Center construction resources

Under the Resources tab, you can download various documents and check out industry news: 

  1. Resources >> Downloads: All Resources
  2. Resources >> Downloads: Checklists
  3. Resources >> Downloads: Buyer's Guides
  4. Resources >> Downloads: RFP Templates
  5. Resources >> Downloads: Case Studies
  6. Resources >> Downloads: White Papers
  7. Resources >> Downloads: Planning
  8. Resources >> Downloads: Real Estate
  9. Resources >> Industry News

Under the Company tab, you can view our about, contact us, and learn about our agent program:

  1. Company >> About Us
  2. Company >> Contact Us
  3. Company >> Agent Program

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