How can I create and post a Blog?

Have you checked Best Practices for Writing Blog Posts?

  1. Sign-in to your account.
  2. Navigate to the Provider Admin Portal.
  3. Click on the Posts button in the navigation bar.
  4. Click Add Blog button:
    1. Fill out the form with your blog's content. Please keep in mind that all fields on the blog are required. 
              Blog Title: give your blog a title that will grab the reader's attention.
              Blog Description: the body of your blog. You can add media to your blog such as images, videos,                      documents, etc.
              Featured Image: this is the main image that will display on top of your blog.
              Author Short Description: provide a short description of yourself, what you do, and your credentials(if any).
             Tags and Categories:  provide tags and Categories so that the reader can easily find your article.
  5. When you click Add Blog, your post is now available for review. Notice the empty field named Published At - your post is not public yet. It will be published and made visible to readers, once approved by our team. 
    In the meantime, use Actions buttons to Review, Edit, or Delete your blog. 
    You'll know your post was published when it has a date in a Published At  field. 
  6. Click to overview your Blog post here!

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