How do I navigate to My Dashboard?

Navigating to My Dashboard

To navigate to your Profile on, Sign In to your account with email and password.

Once you are successfully signed in, hover over My Dashboard. You can view projects, quotes, orders, bookmarks and edit your profile.

My Dashboard >> Personal >> Projects

  • View any projects you have open

My Dashboard >> Personal >> Quotes

  • View any quotes that you have requested

My Dashboard >> Personal >> Orders

  • View any orders that you have submitted

My Dashboard >> Personal >> Bookmarks

  • View any bookmarks you have saved from the website

My Dashboard >> Personal >> Edit Profile

  • Edit your profile by adding a profile pic, updating information and adding a Bio

When in Edit Profile >> select Invitations

  • View admin invitations requests

My Dashboard >> Provider Admin >> Profiles & Listings

  • View your profiles and listings for your provider

My Dashboard >> Provider Admin >> Provider Projects

  • View any active provider projects

My Dashboard >> Provider Admin >> Marketplace Products

  • View and edit any Marketplace Products

My Dashboard >> Provider Admin >> Marketplace Orders

  • View any active or past Marketplace orders
Last Updated: February 18, 2020
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