How do I add a Location?

Adding a location to my profile

Your data center listing profile contains valuable information about your facility and is a major conversion area for driving sales leads such as quote requests and site tour inquiries. There’s a correlation between the quality and completeness of your data center listing page and the amount of conversion received. In addition, this page is also picked up by search engines for specific geographic location-based searches.

*Locations are only available to Colocation providers

As a Provider, you are able to add as many locations as you'd like.

1. Sign-in to your account.

2. Hover over My Dashboard and select Profiles & Listings

3. Under your company, details click Locations: Click Add Location button: Fill out the form with the Locations Name and Address:

4. The name of the location will appear in the following format: " Company name: Location name “Note: Nearest Airport is assigned automatically. You will then be prompted to provide additional information:

Location Core Data tab.

1. One of the most important aspects of your profile is the location name. We recommend that you name your location the same as it is named on your website and brochures. Follow the same naming convention that you use internally. It’s a good idea to include the city name as that may help with search engine optimization (SEO).

2. For example, NY1 New York City Data Center includes the data center code, the city, and term data center. We recommend using the term data center at the end if it is an actual data center. Otherwise, you could simply use NYI New York City.

3. Do not put your company name in the location name. This will result in your company name showing up twice. For example, ABC Company – ABC Company NYI New York Data Center. Instead, leave out your company name from the location name so that it appears like this: ABC Company – NYI New York Data Center.

4. Make sure that you include your address for the data center listing. It should auto-populate the rest of the fields for you.

About tab.

1. This section of the data center listing profile includes an area for paragraph text. We recommend including unique selling points about the facility that would make a visitor want to locate there. In addition, it’s a good idea to include information about the geographic location and why it’s ideal for data centers.

2. The maximum word count for this section is 200 words so try your best to provide enough information without going overboard on details. You can also add a video such as a site tour by embedding a YouTube or Vimeo link in the content area.

3. The ' + ' sign gives you the ability to insert Quick links: images, video, document etc.

4. Add up to 4 features. In this section, you would include any features that your company might offer that others do not.

5. The details section of the data center listing profile is extremely important. It’s used to display key data that visitors want to know about the facilities they are considering. This includes certifications, facility type, power, space, and building size. Make sure to check all relevant boxes and complete numeric values for all other data points.

Details Tab.

  1. This Section of the data center listing provides certification details, Facility Type, Building stats and Power use

Assets tab.

1. Many of our visitors want to see the facility from afar. This means that having great pictures of your facility is a must. We’ve included an area where you can upload multiple images (six per location). Please follow the on-page instructions for how to upload images of your facility.

2. We recommend naming your images like this: abc-ny1-new-york-data-center-1.png, ABC-ny1-new-york-data-center-2.png, ABC-ny1-new-york-data-center-3.png.

3. In addition to pictures of your facility, we’ve enabled spec sheet and brochure uploads for each of your data center listing profiles. Follow the on-page instructions on how to upload PDF files to your data center facility listing. You can have up to three PDF spec sheets per location. We have also added a section for videos. You can add virtual tours or a video about your company. You can add up to 6.

4. We recommend naming your PDFs like this: ABC-ny1-new-york-data-center.pdf, abc-company.pdf.

5. You MUST click Save Draft AND Request Approval to save your changes. Your change will take effect after they have been approved by our team.

6. Click View Live Copy or View Draft Copy to see the difference between the two versions.

Click View Live Location Page to see what the Location page will look like after it's approved by our team. Check out the overview of the Location page here!

Last Updated: October 15, 2020
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