How to Choose the Best Topic for Your Blog?

Best topic for my blog

The most important aspect of writing a blog post is selecting a high-quality topic. If you select a topic that very few people are interested in, it is likely to provide limited results in terms of views and potential conversions. There are several ways that you can find trending topics that are popular and relevant to our audience. We will discuss that below.

Start with a Brainstorming Session

Open a new document and spend 5-10 minutes writing questions that you have about the industry. Write down questions you think that your customers may have. Write down questions that new employees have. Write down interesting thoughts that you have on the future of the industry or major trends that are occurring today.

The key is to write down as many questions, topics, keywords, and ideas as you can in 5-10 minutes. Do not think long about how it sounds and do not pay attention to spelling or grammar.

Use Google Search Results and Google Trends

One of the best ways of finding highly relevant and trending topics is to use Google. Many people use Google to answer their top questions on a variety of subjects. The most common phrases include: how to, what is, benefits of, why, top, top things, best, what to expect, most common… You will notice that these are categorized into questions and lists.

Open a browser window with the Google home page and start typing questions that you have about a topic. For example, what is the difference between public and private cloud? Google provides auto-fill data in the drop-down of the search with that search query and related searches. Write down a list of these search queries. You can also scroll down to the bottom of the search results page to see “Searches related to what is the difference between the public and private cloud.”

Another powerful Google tool for finding relevant topics to write about is the Google Trends tool. Google Trends allows you to search for trending topics based on the popularity of search terms. You can see how topics are trending over numerous time periods, across multiple countries and defined by the type of searches such as web search, news search, image search and more.

Make sure that you use high-level keywords such as: data center, colocation, cloud, IaaS, and disaster recovery. Experiment with different keywords to find a niche and potential blog post topic.

Visit Other Technology Blogs and News Websites

Another way to see what topics are popular and trending is to visit industry-leading blogs and news sites. Go to the home page of popular news sites like:,,,, and more. Browse the home page from top to bottom to see which topics are trending and popular.

Select any topics you think sound interesting. Odds are that if it sounds interesting to you then others will find it interesting too.

Now that you know what to write about, check this article about Best Practices for Writing Blog Posts.

Last Updated: February 3, 2020
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