Advertising FAQs

Advertising FAQs

Do you have any stats or profiles on the typical visitors for so we can make our messaging relevant?

Yes. We have a persona document that details our users in-depth. Our users consist of executives and employees within IT. Titles and specialties includes vendor management, infrastructure, architect, engineers, developers, finance, security. Other users include independent IT consultants and agents, commercial real estate brokers and startups.

Which advertising package do we get?

Sitewide – 1 Year = You will receive banner/display advertising on our blog home page, blog articles, resource download home page, resource download landing pages, services pages and general pages. The term is one year.

Which display/banner advertising placements do we receive?

You have access to the following advertising placements. Leaderboard at top and bottom of pages. Medium or Large Rectangle located at the bottom, right or left side of the page. Lastly, you will have access to Half Page advertisements on the blog home page.

Which display/banner advertisement sizes do we need to provide?

  • Leaderboard
  • Large Rectangle
  • Half Page

These are the standard sizes for display/banner advertising.

When will our advertisements be displayed?

Your advertisements will be displayed 24x7x365. Advertisements will be rotated with other advertisers.

Are there any restrictions to where we link our advertisements to?

No. Most Channel Managers want to send traffic to a custom landing page or internal page on This provides you with the ability to get credit for sales that are generated through However, you can link to any page you would like – internal or external to

Can we target different users based on their specific location?

No. We do not provide advertising campaigns that are customized to a user in a specific location such as a State, City, Country or Region.

Can we target different advertisements based on different pages?

No. This is available in a different advertising program that targets specific pages such as Locations (City, State, Country), Marketplace home page, vendor Directory home page.

What kind of reporting do we get on advertising performance?

We use a third-party tool that provides automated reporting. We can setup monthly, quarterly or annual reports for you.

How often can we switch out our advertisements?

You can change your advertisements once a quarter.

Last Updated: February 3, 2020
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