How do I add additional managers to our Provider Admin portal?

Adding “Managers” to the Provider Account

Only the Owner or Concierge can add someone on the backend of the provider profile

Sign in to

Hover over My Dashboard

Hover over Profiles & Listings

Select Edit on the right-hand side of the listed provider

Select the People tab

Select Send Invitation

Enter a New Email Address

Select the Role for this user

  • Owner: Owner has full access to manage the provider including the ability to add/remove owners and managers
  • Manager: Manager can manage the provider, except for the ability to add/remove owners and managers
  • Member: Will be able to be assigned to projects but cannot make any changes or view the profile on the backend

Have that user check their email to accept the invitation

If they have finished setting up the profile but have not accepted the invitation to access your invitations Hover over My Dashboard >> Personal >> Edit Profile and click on the Invitations Tab. There you can see any invitations that need to be accepted or denied. On the company admin page you will see if an invitation is still pending acceptance.

Last Updated: August 31, 2020
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