Overview - Starting and Managing a Project as an Agent

How do I start a project?

Sign in to Datacenters.com

Click “Start a Project

Click on Colocation RFP

Add Colocation configurations

  • ADD all fields and give explanation of these fields

Once finished adding all configurations click Next

Choose Locations from map view

  • Search for data centers by city
  • Select the location and provider you would like to submit proposals
  • There is no limit to number of providers-locations you can include in your RFP project request.

Click “Select Data Centers”

  • From here you can add more locations “Add One More Location”
  • Remove unneeded locations by clicking the trash icon on the right

Confirm you have selected all appropriate locations then click Next

Fill in project description, upload any RFP related documents

  • Business Contact Information- please provide billing Business company name, headquarter address, company contact email and website
  • Contact Information- please provide individual contact information for anyone associated with this project
  • Click on “I am an agent working on behalf of a client”

Click Create Project (if you have not signed in or set up an account with Datacenters.com you will be prompted to do this prior to project creation completion)

What happens after I create a project?

Providers selected will receive a notification to respond to new project

Anyone you added as an additional contact will receive an invitation to participate in managing the project on Datacenters.com.

You will be directed to the Project Detail page

From the detail page you can manage your project

  • Edit
  • Deactivate
  • Clone a project

When a provider submits a proposal to the project RFP you will receive a notification with a link to download the proposal

How do I manage project proposals?

Click on link from notification to go to project proposal


Sign in to Datacenters.com

Hover over My Dashboard

Hover over Personal

Click on Projects

Scroll to tile for current project, click on “Proposals” button on the right

From here you can:

Download proposal

  • Manage the status (In Progress, Finalized, Cancel)
  • In Progress- Project is still in vetting and negotiations with providers
  • ­Finalized- You have accepted that specific proposal. IMPORTANT: All other proposals will be automatically cancelled, and those providers will be notified as such.
  • ­Cancel- This project is no longer valid, or you have determined not to move forward with that specific provider proposal. IMPORTANT: Once cancelled this cannot be undone.
  • ­No Bid- This is a provider driven status which mean the provider declined to submit a proposal in response to your project RFP.

Click to view details

Contact provider directly via information contained within proposal

What is the typically time frame for response?

Time frames can vary by provider depending on project scope and location requirements. Our concierge is here to help you navigate getting timely responses from providers. Engage Concierge- Megan Diamond megan@gcgcom.com

How do I decline or accept a provider’s proposal?

Sign in to Datacenters.com

Hover over My Dashboard

Hover over Personal

Click on Projects

Scroll to tile for current project- this will take you to the project detail page

Click on proposal status button on the right to update the status

To accept proposal: Click Finalized

  • Notifications are sent to all providers letting them know this project has been finalized and a proposal has been accepted.
  • The providers that were not accepted will also receive email notification of the project being cancelled and that their proposal was not chosen.
  • Once accepted provider will work directly with you to manage all contracting and order implementation
  • You can only finalize one proposal. When finalized all other proposals with this project are automatically “canceled”
  • IMPORTANT: Once finalized this cannot be undone

To decline proposal: Click Canceled

  • You can cancel individual proposal without cancelling the entire project.
  • Once cancelled this cannot be undone

How do I deactivate a project?

If a project is no longer needed

Sign in to Datacenters.com

Hover over My Dashboard

Hover over Personal

Click on Projects

Scroll to tile for current project this will take you to the project detail page

There is toggle switch to mark as “Inactive”

  • You can always re-activate a project
  • As status changes notifications will be sent to all project stakeholders

What are next steps once a proposal has been accepted?

You will work directly with provider for contract negotiation and project implementation. Our concierge is here to help you navigate these processes. Engage concierge Megan Diamond megan@gcgcom.com

What happens if I am invited to a project?

You will receive an invitation

Follow the instructions for participation on this project

If you are not a user of Datacenters.com you will be prompted thru this process to login to an already establish free user account.

Last Updated: February 20, 2020
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