How do I decline or accept a provider’s proposal as an Agent?

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Hover over My Dashboard

Hover over Personal

Click on Projects

Scroll to tile for current project- this will take you to the project detail page

Click on proposal status button on the right to update the status

To accept proposal: Click Finalized

  • Notifications are sent to all providers letting them know this project has been finalized and a proposal has been accepted.
  • The providers that were not accepted will also receive email notification of the project being cancelled and that their proposal was not chosen.
  • Once accepted provider will work directly with you to manage all contracting and order implementation
  • You can only finalize one proposal. When finalized all other proposals with this project are automatically “canceled”
  • IMPORTANT: Once finalized this cannot be undone

To decline proposal: Click Canceled

  • You can cancel individual proposal without cancelling the entire project.
  • Once cancelled this cannot be undone

Last Updated: August 31, 2020
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